There are those moments in life when you feel like something relevant is missing. When a whole in your heart takes over your integrity and the world seems to have acquired this gloomy gray tonality. You may try to breathe it all out in order to move forward, but all you see is a rocky road in front of you. You exhale. Taking deep frequent breaths to unfocus on the open cuts that life perpetrated on you.

However, it’s all in vain.There is nothing you can do. That’s what hurts the most: there’s nothing, nothing that can ease the pain… except time. It’s a truism, I recognize that, but time does help. The clock ticks and a tiny particle of your pain fades away. After a stretched while, all we have left are memories, even though time marches slowly to those who haste.

This is how I feel, stuck in between the clock of pain.

10 thoughts on “Pain

      1. It is indeed a wicked place. So I can either curse the darkness or light a candle. I choose to light a candle.

  1. Hey Pippa. I’m sorry that your feeling this way. Pain is crippling and when we hold onto even worse! I hug you and wish a great week upon you…hugs Paula xxxx

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